Hawai'i Author Publishes Indigenous Novel With London Publisher

London - May 1, 2014

Hawai'i-based author A. J. Perry has published what his London publisher is calling a "thought-provoking tale of age and existence." The novel, The Old People, was recently released by Thames River Press and tells the story of an island people and its struggle to tie a knot.

Perry said the themes of the novel are cultural displacement, the emergence of language out of silence, and the tension between the things that are timeless and things that merely come and go.

"With this book I've tried to write to those essential elements that unite us as indigenous peoples," he said. "The way we tie knots, the way we tell stories, the way we see and relate to the world around us."

The novel was written over a twelve-year period and, according to its author, is a reaction to the current state of contemporary life and literature. "Nowadays more and more people are growing disillusioned with the trajectory of our modern society. They recognize that things can't keep moving as they are. The way we live is not sustainable. The way we communicate is not sustainable. The world needs to be looking to its indigenous peoples for guidance in these areas because that's where the answers are being preserved."

While this is Perry's second novel, he doesn't feel that there are meaningful connections with his previous work. "My two novels are so distinct that it's difficult to even talk about them in the same breath. I think this new book needs to find its own audience, even if it has to be a totally different one."

As to the novel's relevance for readers who may have no familiarity with indigenous issues, Perry seems a little more optimistic.

"Ultimately, the things that unite us as indigenous peoples are the very things that unite us as human beings. This is a book about our humanity."

The Old People
Published: May 2014
ISBN: 978 1 78308 130-1

A. J. Perry is the author of 'The Old People'. This is his second book.

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