Q: Why is the spelling of your name on your offical website different from the spelling used on your books? Which is correct?
A: The books are correct. But the exact spelling was unavailable for the website. Ultimately, I am indifferent to such things, so an approximate spelling was chosen that was reasonably close.
Q: It took you 12 years to write your latest book. Why did it take so long?
A: I write very slow.
Q: With The Old People, you seem to be writing with some kind of ulterior motive. Can you explain?
A: Nowadays the common aspiration has become to live faster and harder and louder - to write that way. There seems to be a race to oblivion in this regard. I long to go the other way.
Q: What is The Old People to you?
A: At a minimum it is my world view in words. It is the articulation of things that might never be voiced. It is a protest against the life and literature of our society. It is a manifesto for indigenous peoples of the world. It is an exploration of where language originates and how it comes to be; a step-by-step instructional manual for the resurrection of our humanity; an ode to silence. Quite likely, The Old People is doomed to be a story without a legacy, for it may soon be no more intelligible than the many quiet languages condemned to extinction.
Q: Your books are very different and don't appear to be written by the same person. Why is that?
A: They were written by different people. I did not write them both.
Q: What advice would you have for readers who liked Twelve Stories and are considering reading The Old People?
A: Don't do it - you won't like it. I do appreciate the interest, but ultimately this book needs to find its own readership.
Q: How long will it take you to write your next book?
A: I just did.